1000 Talk & 1000 Text
$29.99 Card

                                             Terms & Conditions
This 1000 Talk & 1000 Text (“T&T;”) refill card provides 1000 anytime minutes and 1000 text messages within 30 days. A positive account balance in addition to this refill card must be loaded onto your phone in order to use T&T; and to make international calls. When this plan is loaded, T&T; will replace any other plan then in effect. Plan minutes are used on inbound/outbound calls and voicemail deposits/retrievals. Calls are rounded to the nearest whole minute. During T&T;, “Free International Locations” do not apply and are charged at 2˘ per minute; and directory assistance is charged at the applicable rate. Plans, rates, and fees are subject to change. Federal and state taxes and fees will be charged where applicable. This card is non-refundable and may be deactivated if fraud is suspected. Call Customer Service for current rates. For comprehensive terms and conditions go to