Prepaid Refill Card

                                             Terms & Conditions
The value of this refill card expires as $5 (30 days), $10 (60 days), $20 (90 days) after being loaded. Airtime charges are incurred on inbound/outbound calls and voicemail deposits/retrievals. Calls are rounded to the nearest whole minute. Text messaging and directory assistance will be charged at applicable rates. International calls are charged at the applicable rate plus airtime. “Free International Locations” only apply when paying the standard 10¢ per minute for airtime. Calls to international mobile phones may have higher rates. Plans, rates, and fees are subject to change without notice. Federal and state taxes and fees will be charged where applicable. This card is non-refundable and may be deactivated if fraud is suspected. Call Customer Service for current rates. For comprehensive terms and conditions go to