Panasonic SC-BTT770 3D Blu-ray Cinema Surround Home Entertainment System Review

Panasonic SC-BTT770

If you’re looking for a complete home-theater-in-a-box, then the Panasonic SC-BTT770 is an excellent choice that’ll suit smaller budgets. With its 3D Blu-Ray disc player, internet functionality, 5.1 channel surround sound and stylish speakers, could this be the best home theater system for you?

Panasonic SC-BTT770 Key Specifications

RRP: $600
Speaker Setup: 5.1
Wireless Rear Speakers? Yes
Total Power (Watts): 1000
HDMI Inputs: 2
Internet Services? Yes
3D Blu-Ray Player? Yes
Upscaling? Yes
2D To 3D Conversion? Yes
Average Amazon.com Rating: 2.1

Benefits Of The Panasonic SC-BTT770

Panasonic CES

Speakers: Unlike most other home theater systems in its price bracket, the Panasonic SC-BTT770 comes with tall front speakers that’ll look striking in any living room. The rear speakers are wireless, which will make them easier to place without having cables running across your living room. The sound quality is good, too, for the price range, though it isn’t recommended for the pickiest audiophiles.

Price: The Panasonic SC-BTT770 initially came under the mid-range price bracket for all-in-one home theater solutions, but it’s now widely available for less than $500, making it an excellent value option for those who don’t have thousands to spend on all the elements of a surround sound system with a Blu-Ray player.

Built-In Wi-Fi: There are many benefits to having Wi-Fi built into your home theater system. When it comes to the Panasonic SC-BTT770, this gives you access to the VieraCast internet services. You’ll get access to Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Netflix, Twitter and more online services, which is very useful if your TV doesn’t already have internet options.

Skype Video Messaging: For those who love to stay in touch through Skype, the Panasonic SC-BTT770 has some impressive features. Just press the Skype button on the remote control, after which you’ll be able to access the various Skype functions while watching your TV.

Whether you’re in the middle of watching your TV or have it on standby, a ringtone will let you know when you have an incoming call. If you’re not available to answer it, just set an answering message, or answer your call and have it recorded if you want to keep a record. Note: you will need a separate webcam to use this feature.

Easy Setup: The Panasonic SC-BTT770 is easy to set up thanks to simple instructions and the fact that everything you need is in one kit.

3D Compatible: The Blu-Ray player that comes with the Panasonic SC-BTT770 home theater system is compatible with both 3D and 2D TVs, which is a bonus given the price range. There is a range of controls that’ll let you get the 3D image just right for your TV screen, and it also includes 2D to 3D conversion for discs that may not initially have been made in 3D (though the results won’t be the same as with a 3D Blu-Ray disc). If you don’t have 3D yet, it’s worth getting a home theater system with a 3D Blu-Ray player included, so you’re ready to upgrade at a later date.

ARC (Audio Return Channel): As long as your TV also supports ARC, you can take advantage of the fact that the Panasonic SC-BTT770 has this built in. Usually, you’d have to connect the TV to your home theater receiver via HDMI and then use the second cable to send the audio signal. With ARC, you can bypass the second wire making things easier to set up.

Blu-Ray Player: The Blu-Ray player that comes with the Panasonic SC-BTT770 bundle has an excellent HD quality picture. On top of this, the player is also capable of playing 3D discs, which is perfect if you already have a 3D TV or are thinking of upgrading to one shortly. Other features include 2D to 3D conversion and upscaling of standard definition to HD.

Drawbacks Of The Panasonic SC-BTT770


VieraCast Limitations: Although the VieraCast internet features are a benefit of this home theater system, there are a few limitations when compared to other Panasonic online services. For example, the Viera Connect service (included on HDTVs rather than Blu-Ray disc players) uses a range of apps to let you connect to top internet services, offering much more scope than VieraCast.

Sound Quality: Although the sound on the Panasonic SC-BTT770 is by no means wrong, and the bass comes through very well, there are some issues with the treble that won’t quite replicate the right intended sound of any movie. That said, this set will still take you way above the quality you’ll get with standard TV speakers.

Should You Buy The Panasonic SC-BTT770?

The shortcomings on the Panasonic SC-BTT770 are almost negligible. For the price, you’ll get a lot built into this home theater system. Not only will it look great in your living room (without taking up too much space), but Panasonic SC-BTT770 will let you connect to a good connection of online services, and will play both 2D and 3D DVDs in high quality.

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