Device List
This table lists the hearing aid compatibility ratings for currently available Total Call Mobile phones.
Because user experiences are varied and highly individualized, Total Call Mobile recommends customers try several hearing aid compatible phones to determine which phone will work best for them.
This list was last updated August 27, 2014
Phone Model TTY/TDD M-rating T-rating
HTC 6850 Yes M3 T3
LG 101 Yes M4 T4
LG 260 Rumor 1 Yes M3 T3
LG LN510 Yes M4 T4
LG LS670 Optimus Yes M3 T4
Motorola MB612 XPRT Yes M3 T3
Palm 120 Pixi Yes M4 T4
Samsung M300 Yes M4 T4
Samsung M320 Yes M4 T4
Samsung M340 Mantra Yes M4 T4
Samsung M350 Yes M4  
Samsung M360 Yes M4 T4
Samsung M540 Yes M4 T4
Samsung M800 Instinct Yes M3 T3
Samsung M810 Instinct S30 Yes M4 T3
Samsung M900 Kit Yes M4  
Sanyo 2700 Yes M4 T4
Sanyo 3100 Yes M4 T4
Sanyo 3200 Yes M4 T4
Sanyo 3800 Kit Yes M4 T4
Sanyo 8600 Zio Yes M4 T3
Sanyo M9300 Echo Yes M4 T4
Sanyo Pro700 Kit Yes M4 T4
For more information on Hearing Aid Compatability ratings, click here .